Tournament Rules

 2019 Swordfish Cup UnOfficial Rules

**Rules are subject to change - Updated 06/18/2019

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  1. Tournament Entry Fee: $1,500 per boat
  2. Fishing Hours: Boats will fish for 24 hours in their respective time zones with lines in at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 24, 2021, and lines out at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 25, 2021.
  3. Prize Money: This is a winner-take-all tournament. Prize money shall be equal to 80% of the tournament entry fees and shall be awarded to the participant catching the heaviest swordfish 200 pounds or over. 
  4. Optional Regional Category: You must enter into the in the Base Tournament entry of $1500 to be eligible to enter into regional categories. Participant is only allowed to be entered into there fishing region's optional categories. (Can not participate in an outside region) . The regions are East Coast of the United States (excludes Florida), Florida East Coast to Key West, Gulf of Mexico, Carribean, and Other. Prize money shall be equal to 80% of each regional entry fees and shall be awarded to the participant catching the heaviest swordfish 200 pounds or over in there region. 
  5. IN THE EVENT THAT A QUALIFYING FISH IS NOT CAUGHT, THE TOURNAMENT PRIZE MONEY (TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEES MINUS 20%) WILL BE ROLLED OVER AND ADDED TO THE PRIZE MONEY FOR THE 2021 SWORDFISH CUP. Re-entry and payment of the 2021 tournament entry fee will be required to participate in the 2021 Swordfish Cup.
  6. Payment: All tournament entry fees must be paid with a credit card via the Swordfish Cup website. Payments must be made by 5:00 pm EDT July 23rd.
  7. Withdrawal: Refunds will only be made for withdrawals if a written withdrawal and refund notice signed by the participant is received by the tournament on or before 5:00 p.m. on July 23rd, 2021, Eastern Standard Time. Withdrawals will be accepted via email so long as they are received by the aforementioned deadline.
  8. Qualifying Fish: Eligible swordfish must be 200 pounds or more.
  9. Video Verification: VIDEO OF THE FISH BEING GAFFED OR HARPOONED AND BOATED, ALONG WITH CONTINUOUS VIDEO OF GPS TIME AND DATE TO VERIFY THE FISH WAS CAUGHT DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS, IS REQUIRED. Tournament prize money will be paid out when the tournament receives the required video.
  10. Winning Fish:: Fish weight, length (measured from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail), and girth shall be taken by a qualified weigh master approved by the tournament. At least two independent witnesses are required to witness the taking of the weight and measurements. The weight and measurements, along with photos taken to verify the weight and measurements, and the witnesses’ names and contact information shall be submitted to the tournament as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than 4:00 p.m. on July 25, 2021, in your local time zone.
  11. Reporting: All boated fish must be called in at the time of boating. Hook-ups do not need to be called in unless they occur during the last 30 minutes before lines out. These boats must report their latitude and longitude to the tournament.
  12. Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie, the first boated fish will be the tie breaker.
  13. Fishing Gear: Only conventional rod and reel, as well as electric reels with rods, are permitted. All rods, reels and lines must stay attached to vessel. Hand gear, bandit reels, and hydraulic reels are NOT permitted.
  14. Harpoons: Harpoons are permitted after catching the fish on rod and reel
  15. Mutilated Fish:: Mutilated fish will NOT count.
  16. Acceptance of Rules: Submission of your entry into the tournament constitutes your acceptance of the rules and your agreement to abide by the rules. Failure to abide by the rules shall constitute disqualification.
  17. Dispute: In order for any dispute or protest to be considered it must be submitted to the tournament prior to 5:00 p.m. on July 29, 2019. Any dispute shall be determined and resolved in the sole and absolute discretion of the tournament and said determination and/or resolution shall be final and binding.
  18. Polygraph: The tournament reserves the right to require that the angler and/or any members of the crew pass a polygraph test, administered in the manner determined by the tournament, in order to collect the prize money. All tests or other verification costs incurred by the tournament shall be paid out of the prize money.
  19. Consent: Participants consent to use their videos, photos and any likeness in future publications or commercial use.
  20. Fish at your Own Risk: Anglers, crews, boat owners, and their guests participate in the tournament at their own risk, individually and collectively, and assume all risks which might occur.