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Created by Capt. Robert “Fly” Navarro, Fly Zone Fishing is designed as a central location where passionate sport-fishing enthusiasts can interact with one another to build upon their knowledge and enjoyment of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned captain with decades of experience or someone looking for their first billfish release, we can help you not only become better but also have more fun along the way.

Artist & Fisherman

My art career started at an early age as I spent much time in drawing and painting classes. My mother was very artsy and loved crafts so I did grow up around the arts in a sense. Through my grade school years, I was surrounded by classmates that were really into drawing which, as I look back on it now, was probably one of the underlying reasons I am a serious artist today.

I spent years trying and enjoying to learn and practice different types of mediums from sculpture to painting and drawing. I did major in art through college but at the same time, was more consumed in athletics than art.

A Passion For Fishing

Our story started at the beginning of the 20th century, when Carl Grundén, the son of a fisherman, grew tired of the unforgiving weather on the west coast of Sweden.

He decided to make something for people with passion for fishing, and started manufacturing water repellent garments to withstand the forces of nature – keeping all men and women warm, dry and safe when doing what they love. Today we carry on the tradition of developing products you can trust. We help fishermen, both professional and recreational face any condition on waters across the globe.

Learn from the Pros

The RJ Boyle Crew platform is my attempt to package fishing knowledge gained from the best fishermen in the world. The techniques taught through this platform cover everything from easy to super advanced.  I have spent many years fishing for a living and I have been blessed to fish with some of the greatest captains of all time. One constant with all of these captains is an overwhelming desire to be the best. As an athlete growing up I was ingrained with the team concept. During my college and pro years it was evident to me that preparation was the key to all success. The physical part of the game was small in comparison to the mental side. I could throw a 93 mile an hour fastball but I didn’t know how to pitch! I did not pay enough attention to the details and the game of fishing is no different.  

This platform is for the serious fishermen who we can train to think outside the box.  This platform may reveal inadequacies with your fishing techniques but that has to happen in order for you to improve. You must understand your flaws and be true to yourself before you can experience growth and eventual greatness. I understand that every fisherman will have his or her own style and what works for you may not work for somebody else. There is no place for thin skin here as we tell it like it is. We are not telling you how to fish or that you can't fish. We are simply revealing techniques that have made the best fishing guys who they are.

Experience the Best Center Console Boat on the Planet

Attention to detail, exceptional materials, best-in-class customer service — those are the foundation of Venture by American. But what sets us apart is the feeling you’ll have captaining your Venture — the confidence of knowing you are at the helm of the finest center console on the planet. So push the throttle, let the open seas guide you, and experience the Venture by American difference.

The Ultimate Fishing Reel

At Hooker Electric, we strive to develop an exemplary product line coupled with the utmost attention to detail, workmanship, durability and functionality. Our company started by making electric reels but we didn’t stop there. Today we provide a wide array of fishing products which span from include, hi-flow bait pumps to bandit reels, used by commercial and green stick fishing. Fishing, it’s what we do when we’re not developing and building great products!